The Dr. Merritt W. Wilson Scholarship Fund, was established in June 2002 by the Holsey Temple CME Church to provide financial support to individuals attending college.



Dr. Merritt W. Wilson Scholarships will be offered to individuals wishing to attend a college or university. The Dr. Merritt W. Wilson Scholarship Fund will award scholarships of $500.00 in the spring of the academic year.



The Dr. Merritt W. Wilson Scholarship Program is a general scholarship. Awardees may pursue any academic major they desire. The Scholarship Committee will be seeking well-rounded students who demonstrate leadership and involvement in a variety of school and extracurricular activities.

Scholarship selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Financial Need
  • Extracurricular Activities, Community Service, Work Experience, etc.
  • Acceptance in a college or university  
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty or non-family member.


In 1000 WORDS, describe why you need financial support and how you plan to use it to enhance your educational experience. Essay must be typed and doubled spaced. Please attach essay on a separate sheet of paper.



All information contained within this application will be held in strict confidence by Holsey Temple CME Church. However, Holsey Temple CME Church reserves the right to announce and publish the names and photos of the winners in all media.



In order to be considered, this application must be completed fully and accurately.  The student should retain a copy for his or her records. 

All Dr. Merritt W. Wilson Scholarship applications should be completed and submitted on-line. The 1000 word essay and letter(s) of recommendation should be sent via e-mail to holseyscholar@aol.com 
by April 3, 2017. Applications received late will not be considered. 

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